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  1. These ARE adorable. I don’t have any plaid at the moment but for things like this I’ll often look for shirts to use at garage sales! That season is past, so I might have to get crazy and buy a shirt at DI for this. LOVE the plaid!

  2. Kraft paper wrappings are so great with a country tree. I did that one year and stenciled each one. You noticed, I said one year. It was so pretty but so much work.. Love the balls. Have you made an angel with the strips!
    They are quite cute!..

  3. I love this idea. B ut the way they made these looks so messy. The top is more of what im yalking about. On the bottom u can get a cute bead and hot glue it on so u dont see all those edges. Great idea ..I just think it needs work to make it Excellent.


  1. […] Whether you're ready or not, we're only a couple of weeks away from official Christmas decorating season.  (I am firmly in the "not ready" category at this point in time.)  Be ready to put up your tree by creating some cute ornaments, like these bulbs wrapped in plaid fabric by Heidi at Honeybear Lane.  I love how the torn edges of the fabric give the ornaments a casual, rustic look.  She ripped up some thrift store shirts for materials for this project; make it an even more economical project by using worn-out shirts from your own closet or bits of fabric from your stash!  [how to make fabric-wrapped bulb Christmas ornaments] […]

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