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  1. I love your basket! My favorites to work with would be the paints, of course! But I haven;t tried a lot of the things there so I am sure I would enjoy them all!

  2. Since I consider myself a quilter, I have to say the quilt kid is my favorite. But, the rainbow of paints would be perfect for a variety of my craft projects.

  3. oh, my favorite would be a toss-up between the paint and the quilt kit! The mason jar candle looks awesome too though… 🙂

  4. This is an awesome basket!!!! I love the paint, but mostly the Shannon Fabrics Minky Quilt Kit!! Thank You!!!

  5. I like the paint! There is so much fun stuff I can do with it…..starting with adding color to my kitchen! (With accents…I don’t plan on painting my kitchen walls with the Folk Art acrylic paint, promise!)

  6. gorgeous basket of goodies! The paint is my favorite. I am a paint junkie, and those colors make me so happy!

  7. I think my favorite thing in the basket would have to be the quilt kit, I have always wanted to make a quilt and now I could!

  8. I love the paint collection! My hubby gives me a hard time because I can find a use for acrylic paint on any project! I have even been known to paint an entry way wall using a couple of bottles of acrylic. It worked great and held up perfectly! The minky quilt kit is pretty darn awesome too!

  9. I have always wanted to try a Minky quilt kit! Thanks for the lovely giveaway and I’m delighted to find you through your blog partners! 🙂

  10. The paint would be fabulous! I love the colors and have just started using more paint in my ATC’s, and artist journals. Thanks for putting a great basket.

  11. Paint. All paint, any kind of paint. Paint is great!
    And nail polish…which is just fancy paint for your fingernails. Right?
    Thanks for hosting…have a great day!
    Anne @

  12. Quilt kit is sweet, and the paints look so fun as mine are all over 10 years old. karen608 at yahoo dot com

  13. Thank-you for your fun and colourful generosity. It all looks delicious! The fabric would always win over my heart.

  14. What a delightfully curated basket! My favorite thing is the cuddly fabric, but everything else is fun too. Thank you for your inspiring blog!

  15. Love Loooovvve anything IKEA! And oh my I love the FolkArt Paint! So many colors and so many projects!!

  16. I love anything to do with crafting! It would be hard to pick a favorite! I am getting low on paint, so that would be nice. I love making quilts and the minkie quilt would be alot of fun. I love it all.

  17. I’m a quilter and love the basket by Creative Endeavor. That’s filled with all things “sewing”. Fun !!
    Thanks for offering such a fabulous give-away, plus I enjoyed so much checking out the other bloggers.

  18. The Minky quilt kit is my favorite item. I’ve never used Minky but would love to try this kit. Thanks.

  19. I like the Ikea kitchen tools and the candle and the plant….oh…I have to pick just one!! Ok, the kitchen tools, so cooking your wonderful recipes will be easier and more colourful! 🙂

  20. Wow! I love Ikea and I love candles and I love Mason jars……but I would love to get my hands on that Minky! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Love this giveaway!! Love that I get new blogs to read!! Thanks for sharing !! I enjoy quilting, so this baskets looks awesome to me!!

  22. the paint b/c I LOVE craft time with my toddler :). Although, the minky quilt kit would be perfect to create something for my baby too :).

  23. I have been wanting to try Minky. Have seen it on the blogs for the last couple of years but have not bought any yet.

  24. The minky kit – my one daughter got a blanket for her birthday and now my other two daughters want one!

  25. Hard to pick, the whole basket is full of awesome! I think, maybe.. yes, the paints..they’re in such pretty shades, and I don’t have a single one!

  26. Very cool giveaway. I think the Folkart paints would be put to fast use on projects I want to do.

  27. I like your basket THE BEST! That quilt kit would be my favorite thing in there but I love all of it so much.. strawberry Carmex is AMAZING!


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