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  1. This post has inspired me to update my bench. Curious where you got the blue pillow. I love the touch of color and size of the pillow.

    Thank you!

  2. I’m actually going to attempt this! We are building a house, and I told the contractor that I have a mudroom bench that I will be building, so don’t put the trim in until I build my thing.
    Lol. So here’s hoping I get it right and they don’t think I’m a crazy person!

    • Do it! It was a great experience for me as a builder, it really took me to the next level!

      • Can you show me where the lattice is used? If possible can you give a link from home depot to purchase the lattice?
        Awesome build btw.


        • The lattice is used only on the very side of the top and bottom ‘boxes.’ You can find lattice in the trim section of home depot.

  3. I LOVE this! But an a bit confused on what the purpose of the lattice is. Lattice like people put around their porches?

    • Lattice is just the thin wood, about 1/4″ thick and only 1.5″ wide. It’s what I use to trim around the outside to give it a prettier look.

  4. Approxamatly how many hours did this take you? I have been asked to build this for somebody and I want to give them an accurate quote.

    • Hmm…good question. I think all together including shopping for the materials and painting, about 10-12 hours. Painting always takes the longest. If you have a paint gun it could decrease the time quite a bit.

  5. Hi there. I am new at all this DIY stuff and to be honest a bit scared to start something like this knowing I may end up quitting because of the lack of experience. So I thought I’d ask you some quick questions before I get started and wast my money. We are a one income home so every penny counts! LOL! Anyway, we are currently renting a brand new home, our move was so quick for work we had not time to buy and close. So what I make needs to be able to go with me when we do move into our own home. I have a space in my garage or in my entry way that could be used for my “mud room” and would love to make your plans. Is it possible to make this without directly nailing the board or the tic tac toe looking part into the wall itself. Could I actually put those huge boards you see builders use to put on the sides of the houses, the boarding up part of the home once they have done the framework. As you can see I don’t even have the jargon down to a science! Sorry! Was wondering if that type of boarding can be used, or something to that effect, and if so how would I attach it to the bench in your plans? If this is too much I understand, I just was wanting to somehow make it so its moveable or at least not directly into the owners walls as they will most likely want me to take things out and leave house at it was to begin with. Thank you so very much! I wish I had your skill level and creativity, you are pretty amazing with your design style and building skills! Blessings!

    • Sorry for the typos…I think I need to make myself a bit more clear. If used a board to attach the tic tac toe looking part to instead of attaching the tic tac toe part into a wall, could this then be attached to the bench in your plans? If so how could I attach it? Would I need some kind of support mechanism in the back? It would sit up against the wall in my garage or the wall in my entry way. Or maybe I could just make the bench part and then use a piece of reclaimed wood as the panel to be nailed into the wall (Im thinking just the one piece of wood would be less to take out than if i put all the paneling in your beautiful plans?) Thank you!

      • Yes I totally understand. What I would do is create a ‘faux wall’ with 3/4″ MDF board and mount everything to that. The you can screw that board to the wall/studs. I am a little leary of doing the top without the corbels being screwed into studs so I would add sides to the top boxes that go all the way down so it’s more of a ‘locker’ effect. Does that make sense?

  6. Do you happen to have dimensions of your cuts? I am looking to build this and would like mine to turn out as nice as yours! As far as the corbels, are they installed into studs or only the board and batten? I’m assuming the top rests on the board and batten, corbels and then top gets screwed into the studs through the back brace which is the main source of Support?

    Thank you!


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