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    • Thanks! I’m sure you could build it without making it too permanent. Just put a backing on the board and batten part and don’t take out the baseboards.

  1. Can you share the exact measurements. I am building a similar locker and my baskets are 13″ as well with three. This turned out great! Also do you had part two posted.

  2. I love this! Looking to build something similar, so thank you! Can you tell me where you found those baskets?

  3. A mudroom or entryway bench like this is so functional while being beautiful and helping in organization at the same time. Your’s looks amazing.

    • It’s just Behr Ultra White in Semi-gloss (although I would do Satin if I were to do it again.)

      • How does that hold up without a clearcoat? I was thinking about making this for my wife and need to know if i should plan on clearcoating after painting (I should mention i have 2 small daughters who are…….active)

        • I need to add an addendum to this post because my clear coat I chose has actually not held up well. I’m going to have to refinish this sometime and I will be choosing a polyurethane or polycrilic.

  4. The bench is gorgeous! It’s so nice that it’s both functional and adds something nice to the space. I would like something similar in my own home, but I haven’t quite figured out just how I want it and if I have the space for it to look nice. Thank you for sharing your prosess, this helps for sure 🙂

  5. Love what you did with this mud room bench! We have a tiny place in a townhouse where we can potentially do something like this. Will be our future project.

  6. Hi there,

    I am interested to hear how you attached the top of the bench to the frame? wood glue, attach from bottom/up/

  7. Looks great. However I am a little confused about the lattice. Not sure what or where you used it. Can you explain please. Again thanks

  8. Can you provide the measurements? I am designing mine right now and it would be great to know how tall the bench is, the height of the coat hooks, height of the shelf on top etc.


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