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  1. I have to admit when I first saw navy and pink I was not thrilled, not one for large doses of pink. However I was so pleasantly surprised! What a lovely relaxing room! Just the right amount of pink with the navy and white to make it fresh and inviting. Glad I took the time to check it out, once again proving you have to keep an open mind or you may miss something fantastic and inspirational! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I would makeover our Master Bath, it desperately needs it! I really like your guest room redo, especially the colors. I’m on a bit of a navy and pink phase myself.

  3. I just repainted our school room and I’m searching for a new area rug in navy/gray/white. Maybe Walmart would have something.

  4. Love the navy and pink. I would like to redo granddaughter’ s bedroom. She is going to college in the fall and her room needs to be redone.

  5. We would make over the master bedroom; we’ve been upgrading the rest of the house slowly but our room still looks like we’re doing the college student mishmash!

  6. I would definitely make over my bedroom. I want it to be a place of serenity and peace, and it definitely not that now.

  7. Our Master bedroom. Been ages since we’ve changed things and I’d love a change. Thanks so much.

  8. Every room in my house is in need of a makeover, but I would start with either my bedroom or the kitchen.

  9. I’d make over my bedroom. I let my hubby do a little too much decorating and I think I’m better at it than he is (shhh).

  10. Yesterday, I would have said the master bath because it is stuck in the 70’s however, the more I look around it, the more I realize that it’s so old, it’s coming back into style! So I guess I would say my sunroom.

  11. I would use it to make over my livingroom. I could use some new curtains and throw pillows.

  12. I would redo our bedroom. I’m so tired of the beige walls and boring red comforters. Thank you!

  13. I would make over the guest bathroom. I just painted it and would love to get new towels and shower curtain and other accessories. Thanks

  14. I would love to makeover my living room, it needs some color and organization. I would love to add some décor pillows, pictures frames, and some storage baskets.

  15. I need to makeover my daughter’s old bedroom. I’m trying to decide how to make it so it’s nice when she and her husband come OR when the 2 little granddaughters come.

  16. Being that I moved in with my boyfriend, everyone room needs a makeover, but mostly would like to add a woman’s touch to the bedroom.

  17. What a beautiful job you did! So impressive! I would definitely makeover my bedroom. I haven’t done much to it in years because everything is so expensive these days. I would love a new comforter and a new paint job. Seems like this line is very nice and affordable which I didn’t know!

  18. I would makeover my bathroom. We don’t even have an outlet in there it is so old. It is small and could use updating.

  19. I would love to makeover my room by painting it a different color, getting a new ceiling fan, and maybe switching out some of the furniture.

  20. I would like to makeover my bedroom. It looks the same it has for over 10 years and is so outdated.

  21. Your makeover is lovely. I need to re-do my bedroom. Hasn’t been updated in 20 years.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. I would like to do my bedroom, but I suspect the first one done will be my grandson’s, since he is getting married and moving to his own house!

  23. I love what you did with your extra bedroom. It’s so bright and pretty now. I would like to redo my office area. I really need more storage items in here. Thanks!

  24. This is truly a gorgeous room, such an inspiration! I love it! Maybe I can convince my husband to take on a project of board and batten for our daughter’s room.

    • Thank you! I would love to hear you say that YOU could do the board and batten project! It’s a great starter project. 🙂


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