Chevron Puff Quilt Pattern

This is a long time of those things that I meant to do back in like, July.  And there were too many other things to do.  Back in June (or May?) I received a very exciting thing in the mail--a copy of Love Patchwork & Quilting! It was super exciting because I was featured in it with a puff quilt pattern.  It was like a 5-page spread with beautiful pictures of my most favorite quilt I've ever made.  I made this quilt … [Read more...]

New Puff Quilt Pattern: ‘Puffy Island’

Presenting my newest puff quilt pattern!  I call it Puffy Island because all the little puffs with the flat white sashing in between remind me of little desert islands in the ocean.  This puff quilt is a mixture of puffs and traditional flat quilting--the best of both worlds!  I chose a rainbow ombre scheme for this quilt because lets face's super cute.  I've always loved the rainbow array of colors and I've got a few projects coming up … [Read more...]

Charm Pack Minky Quilt

Here is my latest baby blanket.  I used an old charm pack I got a long time ago and now I have NO clue what it's called.  If you recognize it, tell me what it's called!  I think the design company is Free Spirit. I decided to try and do this quilt with minky and cotton.  And let me tell you, it was a challenge!  Minky has this nasty way of stretching and getting all bunched up when sewn with cotton.  Cotton stays in place pretty well, so the … [Read more...]

Letters from Home Quilt with Hometown Sweetwater Fabrics

I am so excited to have the Fat Quarter Shop as a new sponsor!!  We're going to have a super fun giveaway from them soon, but first I have to introduce this amazing new fabric collection to you.  The Fat Quarter Shop sent me four charm packs of Hometown by Sweetwater.  The color scheme is deep red, light blue, gray, and a soft yellow, as well as a cream. Isn't it pretty?  The polka dots are my favorite. So what can you make with four … [Read more...]

A Young Froggy and a Giveaway!!

So we got the new Froggy in the mail yesterday.  (Read the sad story of how we almost lost the original) Umm...I think Will is gonna notice.  What do you think?I think it would be like growing old and then getting to meet your 22-year-old self.  Our Froggy has gone gray, is a bag of bones, can't quite stand up straight, and has lumps in strange places.  But he still is much loved and respected among the other stuffed … [Read more...]