Stitches By Heidi Giveaway!

         ******GIVEAWAY CLOSED****** I've been pinning everything girly like crazy on Pinterest...I can't even tell you how excited I am to have a baby girl!  (Okay, the new baby is still freaking me out a bit, but making all the girly stuff is exciting!)  Can I show you some of the cutest baby shoes ever?   These adorable shoes were handmade by Heidi (not me) of Stitches by Heidi!! This daytime nurse and mother of 3 makes … [Read more...]

Cute Valentine’s Birdhouse and Giveaway by JoJoBeanDesigns

Today's guest is the uber-talented Joanna from Jojobean Designs!!  She is sharing a tutorial on how to build a Valentine's Birdhouse ANDdoing a giveaway to her fab Etsy shop with 3 winners!!  Hello there! My name is Joanna, also known as Jojobeans, and I'm thrilled to be guest posting at Honeybear Lane today! Heidi has been sweet enough to let me share a tutorial for one of my favorite Valentine's Day projects, my Little Chapel of … [Read more...]

Important Life Changing Announcement Here…

I don't know how to write this post.  This my third try.  It's a hard thing for me to say, since I admitting it to all of you will make it more final.  So I'll just put it out there:I'm closing my shop.  Indefinitely.  This has been something I've been considering for quite some time.  The fact is, I am enjoying my work less and less.  And I feel like I've been doing a bad job at being a good mother and … [Read more...]

Custom Fabric Collections for Your Bedding Set

Are you in the process of designing a new nursery or toddler's room?  Do you have a certain color scheme that you're thinking about?  Let's pretend that you are going to have a little girl and the colors you like are Honeysuckle Pink (the hot new color for 2011, btw!) Tiffany Blue, and Chocolate Brown.  And you want a bedding set from Honeybear Lane, of course :)  Here is what I would create for you:You can choose … [Read more...]

Winner of Better Life Bags Giveaway!

Who is the winner of the Better Life Bags Giveaway???Who is #173?Congrats! I need you to email me by this Friday to claim your prize! … [Read more...]

Better Life Bags Giveaway!

***** GIVEAWAY CLOSED ***** Today's sponsor is my oldest Etsy friend. I actually found Rebecca on Etsy and noticed that she and I had a lot in common in business. So I contacted her and we started chatting about various business things and soon turned into friends. She runs the Etsy shop: Better Life Bags.I have to tell you guys, her bags are SO great. She just made this beauty for me:(Mine's the one in the middle.  I love, love, love … [Read more...]

Dirdy Birdy Giveaway

So this one time I was looking for 'bee' jewelry (cuz bees are my thing...check out my header) and I randomly discovered this amazing, amazing Etsy shop, Dirdy Birdy.  I contacted the seller, Leah, and asked her some questions.  If I thought her jewelry was amazing, it's nothing compared to her!  She is one talented lady, and I'm so excited that she is sponsoring this giveaway!HBL:  How did you learn your craft?DB:  I’ve … [Read more...]

Hot Hot Hot Pink!

Here's my latest and greatest...Each bedding set is so special to me, because they are all so unique.  Kind of like a baby!Can you tell it's for a girl?The minky sheet is soooo soft and cuddly!  I want one on my bed.I think my favorite thing is the changing pad cover.  I added piping......and it just looks so streamlined!  And now that I'm done, my house isn't covered in a pink minky dust!By the way...I've been spying on some … [Read more...]