Colorful Living Room

colorful living room

I actually really love neutrals.  I love the softness of beiges and creams, the cleanness of whites, the contrasts of grays and blacks.  It's very sophisticated.  But I think there's a bigger part of me that loves color more.  Color makes me complete.  It doesn't have to be over-the-top, paint-the-wall-pink bright color.  It can be subtle, but there.  So I created a colorful living room. I have a lot of aqua and soft blue in my home, and … [Read more...]

A Little Pillow Refresh

hello target pillow

This post was sponsored by Target, all opinions are my own. There's only one room in my house that I would consider 'done' yet I can't seem to leave it alone.  It's my pretty, special space that stays clean and beautiful all the time.  Because no one lives in it.  It's the guest room. I gave it a makeover a few months ago where I slaved away in there for over a week.  I gave it wall treatments galore, painted the walls navy blue and … [Read more...]

25 Trim and Molding Ideas


Several years ago I started noticing something in people's homes that always seemed to take it over the top...trim and moulding.  Trim, molding, and wall treatments were all things that seemed to be in all the old homes, the things that really gave it character.  But as more people built homes that were mass produced, the fun character accents got left behind more and more.  So I love that we are trying to bring things back that add that extra … [Read more...]

Americana DIY Abstract Art

red white and blue art

I recently became interested in abstract art.  Like the DIY kind.  I'm not a 'real artist' so as to not offend 'real artists' but anyone can create a basic piece of abstract art and get their creative juices flowing.  It's actually very relaxing to create a sea scape or other kinds of simple abstract art and these particular pieces I made are SO, so easy to do.  So get the supplies and go make your own DIY abstract art! Supplies: Gold … [Read more...]

Summer Taco Party

target style dinner plates

This post was sponsored by Target, all opinions are my own. This weekend we had a whole bunch of family in town so we offered to host a big dinner.  I've been really into gourmet tacos lately, so I thought it would be fun to throw a 'taco party' and have a giant taco bar. The first thing I did was head to Target to find the perfect entertaining dinnerware and decor.  They have such a fun and colorful line of items, I couldn't wait to … [Read more...]

Coastal Bedroom Decor

beach bedroom

I couldn't do a full makeover for my bedroom this time...I honestly didn't have the energy to pull out all the stops like I wanted to.  But I did give it a little refresh.  Here's the before: And here's the after: A little color goes a long way!  I only added a few items and trimmed out the windows.  I still want to do a ceiling treatment, wall treatments, new paint colors, maybe some wallpaper, new lighting, and hang … [Read more...]

Metallic Gold Foil Pillows

gold vinyl foil pillows

I really wanted some more gold accents in my daughter's room, so I thought some gold foil pillows would be perfect.  And I love how they turned out, especially the little stars. My daughter's room is going to be a long road.  I can't decide what I want and even though I have visions in my head, it doesn't always end up going that direction.  I can't just throw out all her existing stuff, I have to find ways to incorporate it. I even … [Read more...]

DIY Stair Wainscoting

stairs wainscoting

I finally finished the hardest thing I have ever worked on-- DIY stair wainscoting.  Whew--guys, this was HARD to do.  However, it was much, much harder because of one thing that most of you won't have in your house--this angled wall that my stairs wrap around.  If your stairs just go straight up a wall, it won't be nearly as hard.  I loved this tutorial by Thrifty Decor Chic. This isn't really a tutorial as much as it is a story about … [Read more...]