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25 Spooky Halloween Decorations

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It’s October y’all!!  My favorite month.  I love Halloween and already have all my decorations out which I’ll share next week.  But for now, here are 25 spooky Halloween decorations.  A lot of these I haven’t seen before, people are so creative, especially around the holidays!  Check them out:

25 Spooky Halloween Decorations

1. Haunted House Pumpkin

spooky haunted house

2. Basketball Eyeballspooky eyeball decoration

3. Spider Egg Sacs

spooky spider decoration

4. Queen of Skulls

spooky skull decoration

5. Spooky Wreath

spooky halloween wreath

6. Bloody Blooms

spooky bloody decoration

7. Mummy Head Topiary

mummy decoration

8. Glow in the Dark Frankenstein Milk Jug

spooky halloween glow in the dark

9. Eek Door Banner

spooky door banner

10. Googly Eye Wreath

googly eye wreath

11. Mummy Light Ups

mummy decoration

12. Help Us Moss Pumpkin

pumpkin decoration

13. Skeleton Hand Sconces

skeleton decoration

14. Ghoulish Ghost Feet

ghost decoration

15. Spooky Spider Wreath

spooky spider wreath

16. Wooden Boo Blocks

spooky wooden blocks

17. Potion Bottles

spooky potion bottles 18. Window Silhouettes

window silhouettes

19. Solar Milk Jug Ghosts

milk jug ghosts

20. Halloween Eyeball Cloche

spooky eyeball decoration

21. Spooky Halloween Family

spooky halloween decoration

22. Spooky Jars

Spooky Jars

23. Jack-O-Lantern TV

jack-o-lantern decoration

24. Halloween Tissue Box Cover

halloween decoration

25. Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries

Halloween Luminaries

What’s your favorite holiday? Are you a Halloween guru or do you keep it simple? My mom was never much for holiday decorations (except for Christmas) so this holiday decorating thing is still relatively new to me. And next year–next year!! I will have my very own glorious house to deck out with all my holiday decor! I can’t wait!

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  1. These are great ideas for Halloween, thanks Heidi.

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