Farmhouse Style Valentines Decor

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I don’t actually ‘decorate’ for Valentines.  I used to put out a few cutesy things but then I realized that they didn’t really go with anything and I didn’t enjoy having them out.  And what’s the point if that’s the case?  I do, however, crave color in the house, especially in the winter.  I keep all my big pieces neutral because it doesn’t take a lot of colored accessories to add color in my house.  So for a little farmhouse style Valentines decor, I simply added in the color pink.  And a few flowers.  It’s feminine and pretty but not overbearing and commercialized.  And it transitions into spring really well too!

I started with my bedroom, since it was pretty messy.  🙂  First I changed the sheets from flannel to cotton and then layered on a new comforter I got from Downlite.  It made the bed feel extra plush and I’m sure it will keep me warm and cozy.  I really wanted to change out the gray pillow cases but I didn’t feel like spending any money right now so they stay for now.  When I added the buffalo check blanket it seemed to work though.

I love reading a good book, eating something sweet, and sipping some hot herbal tea in the winter.  Truth be told I told read books via Audible so this is kind of misleading haha.  But it makes for a pretty picture, right?  I actually made the flower arrangement as well which I will share in an upcoming tutorial.

The entryway got a refresh with a new wreath which I picked up from Home Goods last week.  I found this old sign in my basement (got it from World Market a few years back) and it says “Love the journey” but the word LOVE is bigger so I thought it was kinda cute for Valentines Day.  I also brought out this coral pink pillow.  The color is pretty bright so it’s great for the entry where I won’t see it as much and get sick of it.  The guitar is just sitting out here right now as I clean out my music room.  🙂

In the main living area, while I want color, you know I have to keep it calm so as to not tire of it.  I saw a combo of a leaf-print pillow and a blush color pillow in a magazine and I loved it.  I found these pillow cases on Amazon, both the blush and the leafs.

I have to set my coffee table with things that won’t be destroyed easily, so hopefully my little boy leaves the books alone.  He can be taught, as I learned with the Christmas tree.  It just takes a couple of times and he will hopefully get the message.  Although he was trying to water the fake plant later today…

It was such a beautiful sunny but snowy day here in Utah.  I need days like these to cheer me up from seasonal depression.  January…blah.

I love keeping the side console table pretty simple instead of loaded with all kinds of knick knacks.  It seemed like the perfect spot for this floral arrangement and a few distressed barn candles.  I’m still undecided if I like the ‘supermarket’ sign right there.  It fits and I like that it hides the outlet and cords but it’s quite bold.  I actually got the sign for the dining room but it ended up being too big for the space.  We’ll just have to see.  Even me, who you might consider an experienced decorator is still constantly trying things out in new locations.

I’m still so happy with these built-ins.  Seriously one of the best things I’ve done for my house.  I feel like it just takes this space to a whole new level!  And I love having shelves to put some decor and pictures.

I am really happy with these farmhouse style valentines decor changes in my house.  Would you believe that I just finished putting away the last of the Christmas stuff today?  Ha!  Now spring can’t come fast enough.  I wonder if I’ll want to keep this stuff for spring or change it out again?

How do you decorate for Valentine’s?

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