Tablescape for a Halloween Dinner Party

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A big thanks to for providing me with the black Power Mesh fabric!  I’ve linked several of my items in the post below (affiliate links) so you can easily recreate a similar Halloween dinner party tablescape.  

I hosted my annual Halloween party last night, but this year I decided to keep it small and just do a Halloween dinner party.  For this dinner party, the main thing I focused on was the tablescape.  We had a very stressful few months so I really didn’t want this be another added stress.  The holidays are already busy enough!

The first step is laying the foundation of the table.  You need to make sure the table is big enough for all your guests.  If not, set up a few extra folding tables or even configure them around your main dining table to make one large table.  We had ten people, so I figured we could all fit on my table which normally seats eight comfortably.  I grabbed the extra chair that matches my three black fabric chairs (they came in sets of two) and when everyone sat down, we arranged them to fit us.

I got this amazing black fabric from called Power Mesh and used it as a tablecloth.  It was the perfect size and I got several yards so it could drape over each end of the table and look fancy.  Then I also used a couple more yards to lay in the center of the table for the centerpiece.  I folded it in half, then lined a bunch of battery powered fairy lights inside, then folded it over the top.  This created an effect of magical floating lights and looked super cool!

The next thing for my centerpiece was adding some height.  The perfect thing for this was my drippy candle bottles.  I bought these bottles several years ago at Hobby Lobby and have used them SO many times, most of the time for the drippy candles.  This year I bought some dripping candles from Amazon and used them to help make the drippiest bottles ever.  They look so spooky and cool!  The drippy candles melt super fast though and are pretty messy so I replaced them with regular candles after making the bottles all covered with dripped wax.  I set these in the middle of the table, grouped around the black fabric and fairy lights.

The next part is setting the table with plates, cups, and silverware.  I bought several gold chargers years ago and have used them a bunch of times as well.  They really elevate the look of a dressed-up table and are a good investment.  I also had purchased black ceramic plates a long time ago and used them on top of the gold chargers.  These two colors never go out of style for a Halloween dinner party!  I really wanted to make these neat skeleton-hand napkin holders I saw but by the time I got around to that craft, they didn’t have the supplies anymore.  Halloween crafting has to be done in September or early October!  By the time it’s mid-October, they are already putting out Christmas stuff.

On top of the plates I just put a folded paper napkin and some plastic gold utensils I bought on Amazon.  They look really nice and are a great staple for entertaining.  For the cups, I had purchased some iridescent goblets and then dipped the rims in red dyed corn syrup.  When you flip them back over, they slowly drip down the sides and look like blood.  It’s a cool effect, but I provided straws for my guests because it is sticky and you wouldn’t want to drink from the edge of the cup.  On top of the plates, I placed a single red rose.  I found a dozen roses at the grocery store in the clearance flowers for only $2.50!  They had a few brown petals but I picked those off and they are still beautiful!  I also bought some deep violet mums and scattered them and their petals around the table.  Having fresh flowers totally elevates a tablescape.

The finishing touch to this table was to light the candles and add a black and gold skull at the end of the table.  The fairy lights were turned on and we turned off the overhead lights in our house and turned our Phillips Hue lights on a Haunted House program.  It cycles the colors through a bunch of different Halloween color themes and also plays spooky Haunted House sound effects.

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