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  1. Why don’t you use the back of the sweater for the back of the pillow or the face of another pillow? What did you do with the back of the sweater?

    • I wanted to save the sweater for another project, and sewing through that much bulk would be pretty difficult and hard on my machine.

  2. I made three of these and they turned out well. I used the front and back of the sweater for the front and back of the pillow. I also found that if I turned the sweater inside out and marked my seam line (I used a narrow felt tip marker and ruler) stitched my seam line where marked AND THEN cut off the upper portion (sleeves and neckline, leaving some salvage of course) I had much less trouble with the sweater stretching out of shape when I sewed. Also using a rounded corner worked best for the weight of the sweaters I had. You can just stitch a rounded corner on your pillow form and trim for a better fit.


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