25 Beautiful DIY Ornaments

It's officially the Christmas season! Have you put up your tree yet? I really wanted to buy a real tree this year but with us moving in a couple weeks, it just wasn't in the cards. But I did put up 'half' of my fake tree. That means I put the top half of the tree on the stand and elevated it on a table, haha! I love doing it this way though because you get the height with half the effort. And believe me, this being the old school non-lit piece-by-piece fake tree, it takes a lot of effort to put up. But we decorated it yesterday and it got me thinking about all the DIY ornaments out there!

DIY Ornaments

1. Jack Skellington Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 2. Snowman Ornament

DIY Ornaments 3. Scandinavian Inspired Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 4. DIY Candyland Ornament (Two Ways)

DIY Ornaments 5. Bell Jar Christmas Ornament

DIY Ornaments 6. Thumbprint Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 7. Plaid Christmas Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 8. Glittered Initial Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 9. DIY Cookie Cutter Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 10. 3 Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 11. DIY Christmas Tree Words

DIY Ornaments 12. Cinnamon Stick Stars

DIY Ornaments 13. Christmas List Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 14. Santa Claus Ornament

DIY Ornaments 15. Vintage Lace Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 16. DIY Scrabble Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 17. Glitter Filled Glass Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 18. Baby’s First Footprint Ornament

DIY Ornaments 19. Easy Christmas Ornament

DIY Ornaments 20. Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman

DIY Ornaments 21. DIY Wrapping Paper Scraps Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 22. BBQ Beads Suncatcher Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 23. Polar Express Christmas Ornament

DIY Ornaments 24. Holiday Rag Balls

DIY Ornaments 25. Duck Tape Stars

DIY Ornaments

What ornaments have you made? Or your kids? I love hanging up the ones my kids make and remember when they were younger. Pin It


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