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  1. Absolutely love this Heidi! Well done! I agree, it’s even better because you used what you had to hand, and just made the things look even better. Love that!

  2. That is ingenious
    I love projects like this. I’m in a new beach home and my head is spinning from all the ideas.
    Your final design of the room is very classy but still family friendly

  3. I really like this. Love the colour and gives so much storage. Did you get the storage baskets from Ikea too, as they are a perfect fit and look great.

    • Yes, the woven baskets are from IKEA. The gold ones are from Land of Nod which I sprayed gold. Thanks!

  4. Looks amazing! Have a perfect space for something like this- just not the skills to do it!
    Question: in some pictures, it looks very gray and in others almost a colonial blue. Is that just the light from the Windows?

    • It’s a dark gray. Photoshop made these pictures translate weird so I’m going to have to go back and fix these.

  5. I made a cabinet for my TV and purchased ready made kitchen cabinet doors from the big do it yourself Store like Home Depot. Just get your measurements and see if they have one that fits. It was easier than making the doors myself and not too expensive. Purchase hinges that are suitable and door knobs that appeal to your decor.

  6. I saw this post on Friday and already got my hands on an Expedit unit to DIY. Next is a bookcase! Is your bookcase the same depth? Is that also IKEA? Could you share model name, if so?

    • Sorry, I don’t know the origin of the bookcases. I got them for free from a cousin and they started out pretty tall. Just try to find bookcases the same height as an expedit or one tall one cut in half to the same height.

      • Is your pieces the same depth? I’m looking to make this but I’m noticing the bookcases aren’t as wide as the cubby storage.

    • The wood baskets are from IKEA also. The gold locker baskets I think are from Land of Nod. I spray painted them gold.

  7. Trying to find a bookshelf that is the same width and, when cut in two, is around the same height. It is impossible to find. Did anyone find one that works with the Kallax that someone can recommend?

  8. Hi! I absolutely love this and it would be perfect for our living room. Sorry if this has already been asked but can you tell me the overall finished dimensions. I think it might be a little too long for our space so I’m trying to figure out how I might adjust! Thanks so much!!

  9. This looks great and I’m planning to do something similar. You mentioned you made a frame of 2x4s to go under the shelf units, what did that look like? Do you have a pic our could you describe? Thanks for this great idea!

  10. Hi!

    I LOVE this! What are the measurements of the finished product? I want to replicate this look and I don’t know if I can fit it! Thank you!

  11. 2 questions I hope you can answer/explain.
    1. What did you do when the depth of the side bookcases didn’t match the IKEA units depth? I’m confused about how you made it all look flush.
    2. Did you use both tall bookcases or just one that you cut into 2?
    I need more specifics on that process if possible.

    • I think I was just lucky and the depth of the bookcases was the same as the IKEA unit. I only used one bookcase and cut it in half.


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