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Paint Chip Chandelier

I had a fabulous baby shower last week.  My best friend threw it for me and she and I worked on the decorations together.  Lots of the decorations were things that I wanted to use in my baby's nursery.  (Her 'some day' nursery.)  I knew once I saw something similar on Pinterest, I wanted to make it...a paint chip chandelier Seriously so cute.  And it was so easy to make.  Not exactly quick, per se, but fairly easy.  Take a circle punch to a … [Read more...]

25 Easter Decor Ideas

Easter is such a fun holiday to decorate for--all the pretty pastels and springy icons: bunnies, chicks, eggs, flowers. Here are 25 Easter decor ideas to inspire you! 1. Succulent Topped Easter Eggs 2. DIY Peeps Cross Stitch Canvases 3. Quilted Easter Egg 4. Twine Carrots 5. Easter Centerpiece 6. Easter Wreath 7. Peeps Candle Holders 8. Painted Bunny Jars 9. Burlap Bunny Bunting 10. DIY Easter Egg Button … [Read more...]

13 Stunning Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

One of the things I was most excited for with my new house was my large front porch! I was really looking forward to decking it out with holiday decor for both fall and Christmas.  And guess what?  I learned that in my particular area and the direction that my house faces are not so conducive to an awesome front porch display.  Wah-wah-wahhhh!  In the fall, since my house is north facing, all the mums I bought that were gorgeous quickly died from … [Read more...]

20 Beautiful Fall Wreaths

With fall approaching, it's nice to dress up your house slowly, adding in the colors and elements of autumn one by one, so you don't get overwhelmed and sick of it.  So far I've added in a few candles and pops of orange and red.  I'm not ready to change out my whole mantel but doing it this way helps me to embrace fall (not that I need any help, I love fall!) To inspire your fall decorating, here are 20 fall wreaths that you may not have seen … [Read more...]

Corner Rope Shelves DIY

The next project I completed for Ellie's Nursery:  Corner Rope Shelves.  I cannot even tell you how much these shelves add to the room.  This corner was like a giant black hole, sucking up all the life and light.  It desperately needed something and something bold. I wanted to do the rope shelves because they really fit in to my theme in just the right way, and they were so unique and fun.  And of course I'm gonna share the shelves DIY … [Read more...]

Make a Faux Sheepskin Rug

Time for the next episode of Ellie's Nursery!  This faux sheepskin rug is SO easy to make yourself, no sewing required!  The only thing you'll need is the fabric and some good scissors. I really wanted to get a fluffy furry rug for Ellie's room, but all of the good ones were $300+.  Since I'm doing her room on the cheap, this was too much for one item.  In fact, I think the most expensive thing in her room is her crib which was still pretty … [Read more...]

Gold Dipped Bar Stools

Another item for my daughter's nursery...these gold dipped bar stools!!  I know that I took pictures of these in the kitchen but you can see them much better like this.  You'll see them in her room for the full reveal.  Can any of you guess the theme of her room? I, like probably many of you, have some of these old basic bar stools.  These were very popular in the 90's I think.  But I inherited these from my in-laws and actually still have two … [Read more...]

Alphabet Wall Art for Baby Girl Nursery

The countdown is on:  moving in three weeks!  To a bigger place where my baby girl can have her very own room.  And I can finally put up all the decorations I've made for her!  Here's one more... Simple and cute.  My kids love anything ABC related (which inspired this alphabet onesie.)  Guess what I made this little decoration from?  What's that you say?  You couldn't tell it was an "As Is" IKEA cupboard door that cost me $5?  I've had this … [Read more...]