14 Days of Love Printables

Valentines is approaching.  And the same old flowers and chocolate candy can get a bit predictable and therefore, non-special.  Something I want to try this year to make Valentine's really special is to do two weeks of loving acts for my husband.  We took a test last week to discover our Love Languages.  We were both very different, but everyone has some of all of the 5 love languages.   I made these cute printable cards to do 14 days of Love to … [Read more...]

Easter Crafts & Spring Project Linkup

Let's have an Easter Crafts and Spring Project Linkup!  Please link up all your Easter and Spring crafts, recipes, projects, printables, and whatever else you made!  And don't forget to pin the image below so that everyone can come see your projects! If you have a project, craft, recipe, whatever--that is Easter or Spring themed, please link it up here!!  Each week leading up to the holiday, I will feature a bunch of my favorite projects!  If … [Read more...]

St Patricks Day Linkup

Let's have a St Patricks Day Crafts Linkup!  Each holiday I will have a linky party where you can a) find the link to the party through a graphic on the sidebar, and b) link up any of your holiday-themed projects:  crafts, recipes, printables, whatever!  Just as long as they are pertaining to that particular holiday. If you have a project, craft, recipe, whatever--that is St Patricks Day themed, please link it up here!!  Each week leading up … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

Spring Cleaning---what a task!  Spring is just around the corner (hallelujah!) and the weather is slowly growing warmer.  Yesterday almost felt like spring as I cleaned and cleaned my house--my gift to my husband for Valentine's Day.  As I cleaned, I thought about just how MUCH there is to do in each room of the house to truly get it clean.  I haven't quite done the Spring Cleaning that my house requires, but in preparation for the big job, I … [Read more...]

Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial

I was thrilled to share my Craft Room Pegboard with you--and it turns out y'all loved it too!  So today I'm going to share the tutorial with you, although I have to say it's not very difficult!  But I know it's sometimes just easier to have someone spell it out for you, so here are all the nitty gritty details.  I also apologize that there are not pictures of every step--I was so excited I just worked and forgot to take pics! For this Project, … [Read more...]

Printable Gift Tags

Duhn Duhn Duhn...only 6 days until Christmas!  If you're like me, you probably still have most of your presents still left to wrap.  And if you're like me, that present wrapping will probably remain to happen until, um...December 24th...possibly 11:59?  Okay I don't wait THAT long but my hubby sure does.  So we need to have some flexible, easy (and still cute) gift-wrapping options.  Like printable gift tags! Remember my post about planning a … [Read more...]

Cookies and Milk Party

Are you looking to throw a fun Christmas party?  I really wanted to do one this year so I threw together a little party "mockup" plan using these fabulous Cookies & Milk printables from Hostess With the Mostess.  Check it out... Cute, right? I'm really proud of myself for my Photoshop skills at working these images together. But I think we're all in agreement that the printables really make the party. They are just those extra details that … [Read more...]

Christmas Carol Printable

This year, I wanted to design a Christmas Carol Printable.  One of my favorite Christmas stories is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  (You know, the story about Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.)  I've heard the story since I was a little kid, grew up watching various versions of it on video, and loved seeing it performed live.  Charles Dickens wrote some beautiful words about Christmas in that story and some of … [Read more...]