Storage Room Organization

storage room organization_1

My storage situation was a disaster.  I can't stand disorganized storage because it makes life SO much harder than it needs to be.  Don't you hate having to remove five to ten other boxes of stuff before finding what you need?  Or risk everything falling on you in the process?  I always end up hurting myself somehow.  And then I get that bulging vein in my forehead because I'm so frustrated.  So I needed some serious storage room … [Read more...]

Colorful Crate Toy Storage


So excited to have Amanda guest posting today from her new blog.  She used to blog at Every Creative Endeavor but has recently started a new blog with her handy husband.  Yay! Hello Honeybear Lane readers, my name is Amanda and my husband, Spencer, and I blog over at The Contractor Chronicles. Spencer is a contractor by trade and we have fun remodeling and doing home improvements to our home – He makes it work and I make it look good and that … [Read more...]

Chemical Free Cleaning: Great Value Naturals

great value natural dishwasher gel

So the other day we discover my 3-year-old has been trying to clean the bathroom mirror with Lysol.  And then we found out he had sprayed it directly in his mouth.  Such an awful moment for everyone!  Ever since then, my husband and I have been feeling a lot more inclined to buying the more natural ingredient cleansers.  We've never been pro or against them before, I just wanted to buy a cleanser that worked.  After the Lysol thing, I was ready … [Read more...]

Easy Rolling Drawer Storage

drawer storage organization

The last two weeks have been crazy--in case you had noticed my lack of posting.  I have exciting news to share, but not just yet.  Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, I want to share this super easy project that will help you gain a little extra storage space in the bedroom as well as help you stay a little more organized.  Rolling drawer storage! You might have seen these before, but if you are looking for a cheap and fast solution for … [Read more...]

25 Ideas for Craft Room Organization


A few months ago I showed you my Craft Room Pegboard.  I'm getting ready to share the entire Craft Room Space but today I'd like to show you 25 inspiring and organized craft rooms.  I have so much stuff to organize that I'm always looking for new and attractive ways to arrange my stuff and keep it organized.  It's so much easier to be creative when everything is in the right place and you don't have to spend forever looking for what you need, … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

Spring Cleaning Printable Yellow

Spring Cleaning---what a task!  Spring is just around the corner (hallelujah!) and the weather is slowly growing warmer.  Yesterday almost felt like spring as I cleaned and cleaned my house--my gift to my husband for Valentine's Day.  As I cleaned, I thought about just how MUCH there is to do in each room of the house to truly get it clean.  I haven't quite done the Spring Cleaning that my house requires, but in preparation for the big job, I … [Read more...]

Extra Large Pegboard for Craft Room Organization

extra large pegboard

I'm so excited to share this project with you!  I was a little relieved to have the holidays overwith so I could start working on projects I've put off since August.  One project that was a necessity to complete first was this extra large pegboard I made for my craft room organization.  This is a picture post only but if you want the full tutorial, read the Framed Pegboard Tutorial post. I don't have a dedicated room for my craft stuff right … [Read more...]