25 Beautiful DIY Spring Wreaths

Spring is in the air! I recently took off my red Christmas/Valentine's day wreath and make a new spring wreath to put on my door. It's so fun to have a front door again (I used to live in my in-laws basement for like three years!) Making my own spring wreath was so easy and cost effective, some of those nice pre-made wreaths at the store are expensive! Here are 25 beautiful DIY spring wreaths to get you in the mood for spring! 1. Botanical … [Read more...]

20 Colorful St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow! So here is a bunch of fun and colorful St. Patrick's Day Crafts that you can do with your family, friends, or class. Don't forget to wear green and set up your Leprechaun traps! 1. DIY Glittery Shamrock Glasses 2. Shamrock Suncatcher's Kid Craft 3. Paper Shamrock 4. Leprechaun Hats 5. Burlap & Shamrock St. Patrick's Day Banner 6. Split Pea Shamrocks 7. Pinch Protector Corsage 8. St. … [Read more...]

Shamrock Cracker Toffee

Want to try a glorious and easy treat?  Time for some Shamrock cracker toffee!  I usually call this stuff 'crack' but it's starting to get a bad rap.  So now it's 'Cracker Toffee' to all y'all.  (It'll still remain Crack to my family.) This is my regular go-to for holiday related treats.  It's delicious and chocolatey and you can add any kind of festive topping to make it perfect for any holiday.  This month's edition is mint M&Ms and … [Read more...]

Gold Dipped Bottles

If you need some super easy and quick St. Patrick's Day decor, why not try Gold Dipped bottles?  I have been saving these green Martinelli's bottles for like a year, wondering if I could somehow use them for a craft or whatever, when this simple idea struck me as the perfect thing for St. Paddy's.  I didn't really have time to construct an entire beautiful St. Patrick's day-themed party table and buy beautiful white Gerbera daisies to put in the … [Read more...]

Rainbow Vase with Martha Stewart Glitter

I really heart Martha Stewart Glitter.  I mean, it really is superior to other kinds of glitter.  It comes in SO many colors and is so fine that the overall effect is like a diamond sparkle.  And that is why I can't resist doing a zillion crafts with Martha Stewart glitter.  Here's a cute and easy vase that is perfect for St. Patrick's Day or maybe if you just like a little sparkly rainbow in your life! I filled this vase with gold-foil … [Read more...]

10 St Patricks Day Crafts to Try

I'm having fun looking through all the St Patricks Day crafts that you've all linked up at the St. Patrick's Day Linkup!  I still can't believe that I haven't ever made anything for St. Patrick's Day before this year.  I was seriously missing out!  I want to know---who decorates for St. Patrick's Day?  Do you not decorate but make St. Patrick's day treats?  Tell me some of your St. Patrick's Day traditions. Here are some of my favorites from … [Read more...]

Kids Craft Ideas: Split-Pea Shamrocks

Even though it's been sunny, we're still stuck inside with 30 degree temps.  So I'm always looking for kids craft ideas--especially if they are holiday themed!  For some reason I am super into St. Patrick's Day this year and the color green is just popping up everywhere!  So I saw these dried split-peas at the store and knew I could do something fun with my kids with them.  And this is where we get Split-Pea Shamrocks! I know, they really are … [Read more...]

Plywood St Patrick’s Day Wreath

I had this idea which involved a jigsaw: a Plywood St Patrick's Day Wreath. Awesome right? I have to say, this is possibly one of my most favorite projects to date.  I'm just so gosh darn impressed with myself!  I tried something new, and it turned out great.  And I'm sad that I have to take this down in a few weeks because I feel like the ratio of loving this=time it can be up for all to see and appreciate is not equal.  (But don't worry, … [Read more...]