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Craft Room Reveal

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This post was sponsored by SmartJars but all opinions and content are my own.

I’ve had this Craft Room done for about six months now but I forgot to show y’all!  Let me give you a little explanation about it:  I live in a basement apartment–a temporary home until we get our own house next year–and it mostly consists of one enormous room.  I had to make the most of this room, so it works as our living room, family room, craft room, and office.

 crafting space for a small home

My crafting table is two tables from IKEA…just the cheap white tabletops with the screw in legs.  This is a very affordable solution for a table and I love the white backdrop when I take tutorial pictures.  The chair and lamp are also IKEA…I think you should know by now that my life savings have been spent there.  I am an IKEA lover at heart.

Craft and Sewing Table

 It’s also the perfect height for the wire basket drawers that go underneath.  I have four sets and they hold all my fabric (of which I have a lot.)  As you can see, it’s not all folded pretty…although some are.  That top drawer is full of scraps.  The bottom drawer is full of precut 5×5 squares, which I used in my puff quilting selling days.

wire basket fabric storage

For the rest of the storage, I have my IKEA Expedit 4×4.  I wanted the 5×5 but at the time they were sold out.  But in my next craft room (and yes it will be an entire room dedicated just for that) I will get the 5×5.  I bought four black fabric drawers at IKEA and actually just painted the fabric in the colors you see…then I stenciled on a design in chalkboard paint so I can write chalk on it if I want to.

I have some vintage briefcases on top that hold some other supplies that I don’t use very often.  Being a craft blogger has the definite perk of trying out a lot of craft supplies (even if I rarely use it.)  That’s why I have SO much.  And those lamps on top are for photography.  I have one of those fold-up tents for winter time food shoots.

craft storage expedit

I won that awesome giant Cut it Out Frame from a Blogger party last year and I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  But then I bought some tin at Home Depot and snipped it to size…now it is a magnet board!

Craft area

The prettiest part of this whole area is by far the Pegboard Craft Organizer.  Seriously, that whole craft space can be an utterly scary disaster, but the Pegboard stays clean and pretty and put together.  I know where things are, I can easily put things away…my love for my pegboard is bordering on disturbing.  You can see the full details here.

craft pegboard

A very recent addition to this pegboard are these cute little plastic containers you see here.  There are called SmartJars.  When the brand new startup company called Smart Jars contacted me to review their product, I was super excited to get more of my little odds and ends organized.  I have everything from washi tape to buttons to safety pins to glue gun sticks in there.

smart jars craft storage

I have to say, I am very impressed with the SmartJars.  They are super easy to install, but you have to know where they are going for sure because one they click in, they don’t easily come out.

smartjar craft organization

I found that if you want to install them super close together like I have here, you need to put in the upper prongs of all the jars and then click them in together at the same time.  The plastic ‘jar’ just pops right in and out easily and stays in securely.  I recommend pulling the jar out completely before opening it up, otherwise everything inside will spill out.

smartjars for small items

I would love to use these all over my house–from kids room toy storage to bathroom storage to tool workbench storage.  I can’t wait until they offer different sizes because then the possibilities are endless!!

I posted these on Instagram and many of my crafty friends were interested in these handy jars.  If you go and purchase them from SmartJars, they are running a KickStarter campaign to help launch their company so every purchase goes toward their startup costs.

Click here to buy your SmartJars!

Crafting Space and Storage

I really love this area…especially when it’s clean, like it is now (um, twice a year?) It’s so colorful and put together and inspires creativity, which is just what a crafting space should do.  Everything is pretty easy to find, although I have to say that the stuff inside those Expedit baskets is quite a mess, something I hope to rectify once I have a bigger space.  In my next craft room I hope that I can have enough space to include an area for my kids to do art projects as well, since Ellie seems to love using my couch as her canvas.

This post was sponsored by SmartJars but all opinions and content are my own.


  1. Christine says:

    I love the peg board and your tables! Those are both very functional and pretty too. Thanks for sharing. Now I have some ideas for my craft area…

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thank you! I hope your craft area turns out awesome!

  2. WOW! This looks great! I am working on transforming my craft room and I have an Ikea desk and the 5×5 cabinet so I am VERY inspired by your space. I will check out the smart jars for sure!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thanks! I really want the 5×5–I will get it for my next craft room!

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thank you! They are so fun!

      1. Rhonda Chatterton says:

        Where did you get the silver pegboard frame or did you make it?

        1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

          I made it! There is a full post about how to make it linked within.

          1. Hi. Can you please link the instructions for how to Make the frame and pegboard? The link is broken that is posted. Thx.

  3. where did you get the wire drawers from? ikea??

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Yes, IKEA!

      1. What are the names of the wire drawers? I need some just like those 🙂

        1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

          They are the Antonius baskets from IKEA. They are awesome!

          1. Just FYI, the Antonius baskets are on sale at IKEA on Wednesday, Jan 1 for just $9.99! (I went on IKEA’s website to check them out after seeing your blog and saw them in their online sale flyer!) Maybe I’ll have to pick some up!

  4. I found your post when looking up reviews of the SmartJars. I’m also a backer and love the product, but the jars are a bit large for certain items. I have designed something for the SmartJar to alleviate this problem and can double, triple, or quadruple the utility of a single jar. I’ve got them up on my etsy site, but I don’t want to self-promote in your blog and thought I’d offer you a few for free to try out instead. They would fit right into that beautiful crafting space you have! Feel free to email me if you’re interested. I can then send you links to pictures.

  5. Gwen Watkins says:

    I was looking online for craft storage ideas. I love the peg board! Thank you for sharing! I am looking for some ideas on storing all of the silk flowers that I buy. I’m looking forward to receiving your emails.

  6. Love this! What kind of paint did you use for the different color bins? Love the idea of painting them!

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Sadly it was a bunch of old latex paint I had in storage but I don’t remember the names…the bright aqua one is Sugared Lime from either Glidden or Martha Stewart. So helpful right? 😉

  7. Christina says:

    Do you remember the name of the tables from ikea?

    Thanks, your room looks so awesome and organized! Great work!

  8. muy buenas las ideas para organizar, pero a veces igualmente se hace dificil cuando no tenes el lugar fisico. soy docente tengo las cosas ordenadas en cajas con etiquetas pero al no tener una habitacion se complica. gracias y suerte

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  10. I love the look of your craft room! In fact, I spotlighted it on my post about my Top 6 Favorite Craft Rooms.

    I love the pegboard craft organizer area. What a great idea. It keeps things within reach, but also keeps them out of the way while you are creating. I’ve put quite a few of your ideas onto my list for when I do my craft room.

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thank you so much!

  11. June Carlos says:

    I am going to try the couch cover you explain simple to understand and I like your craft room!

  12. what did you use to hold up the wrapping paper? I’ve been looking for a way to store my wrapping paper other than a big bag in my closet

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      They are on wooden dowels held up by little pegboard hooks. You can also store it by finding a tall can or vase to hold them.

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