Blue and Pink Girls Room Plans

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Now that my boys room is done and the guest room is complete, it’s only fair to decorate my daughter’s room next.  What’s that you say?  Why yes, I did already decorate her room a couple years back.  But since we decided it made more sense to have my two boys in the bigger bedroom, we did a little bedroom switcheroo and her polka dots are gone now.  I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do for her bedroom because I had to take a few different things into consideration:

  1.  My house is all modern farmhouse style.  I want each room to be congruous to that style.
  2. I want to decorate a room she will love, one that fits her style.
  3. I want the room to be kid friendly but also really beautiful.

Since she loves blue, I decided to incorporate blue into it.  But I decided to add pink in there as well to make it more girly.  And then gray and white as the main neutrals.  It’s a somewhat analogous color scheme and one that I love.  So I set about making plans for a blue and pink girls room.

Normally when I decorate I start with an inspiration piece.  But I sometimes start with a color scheme first and then find an inspiration piece that goes with the colors I like.  Finding the inspiration piece can help you nail down the color scheme though.  I searched Etsy for some pillows and found this beauty:

Seeing this pillow really helped me to decide that the gray and white could work with the blue.  Sometimes it can be hard to pair navy with gray but this pillow ties it all together.

Once I had the color scheme, I found some other items that worked with it and put together a mood board.  I asked my daughter what things she liked and we spent some time looking on pinterest at some ideas.  She loved the idea of twinkle lights somewhere so I will get some curtains and put them behind it.  I wanted a wall treatment (Hi–I’m obsessed with wall treatments!) so I decided to do a half wall of shiplap and paint it gray with the wall above white.

blue and pink girls room plans

You can put together the color scheme with coolors.com and throw together a simple mood board in canva.com.  I also often whip up a mockup room in roomstyler.com but for some reason it wasn’t working so I made this mockup in Photoshop:

I’m not totally sold on the rug.  I found this one too:

Which one do you like better?  I feel like having a fun patterned rug can make this room feel more like a kids room.

Either way, I’m excited to get started on it.  Last project for the year before the Christmas craziness starts and her birthday is coming up so it will be a great birthday present for her!



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