Master Bedroom Makeover

farmhouse bedroom

I finally did a master bedroom makeover.  Technically it was kind of decorated before...meaning I had a few extra pillows on my bed and some old art on the wall.  I placed a few trinkets here and there.  But just look at this disaster of a room.  If I could just close off the other half, then it might look okay.  But the other side of the room houses exercise equipment and pretty much all clutter that ever existed.  This is embarrassing to show … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Towel Hooks

diy towel racks

I recently shared my bathroom makeover.  It was simple but elegant and most of all, efficient.  My favorite part of the new bathroom is the DIY towel hooks, the towel 'organizer.  It's made the towel storage more accessible and it's so pretty!  Here's how to do it. Since storage was my number one goal, I decided that rather than storing lots of towels in the room, I would make a decorative towel rack to just let them hang.  I love how nice it … [Read more...]

Fall Mantle

cute fall display

September is fall, right?  Sometimes it's hard to remember when the temperatures are still hot and the trees seem to be taking their sweet time changing colors.  Well I brought it indoors! The entire summer I was feeling kind of BLAH about projects and decorating...I was super burned out.  I knew that I needed to get back into it--to help fuel some blog posts, yes, and also just to get my creative mojo going again.  I wanted to decorate but … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Knockoff Sawhorse Console Table

pottery barn knockoff console table

Want an expensive looking side console table without paying the big bucks?  Creating knock offs from companies like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware is not always that tricky or complicated.  I sometimes see these knockoffs that are totally impressive but I'm like "Yeah....I'm never going to make that."  But this knockoff table really is SUPER easy to do and anyone can do this.  I did the whole thing in an afternoon. Isn't it cool?  I … [Read more...]

Vintage Circus Nursery Reveal!

vintage circus nursery room

Oh my gosh you guys.  After like a year+ of preparing this nursery it is FINALLY done!!!!  And I'm so super excited to show it to you because this room pushed my design limits and really made me go out of my comfort zone.  But I honestly LOVE how it turned out--it is so perfect. The theme is Vintage Circus Nursery.  It is the perfect theme and I will explain more about that. I made all the bedding for her crib. There is a pinwheel quilt, a … [Read more...]

Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial

paintbrush and market buckets

I was thrilled to share my Craft Room Pegboard with you--and it turns out y'all loved it too!  So today I'm going to share the tutorial with you, although I have to say it's not very difficult!  But I know it's sometimes just easier to have someone spell it out for you, so here are all the nitty gritty details.  I also apologize that there are not pictures of every step--I was so excited I just worked and forgot to take pics! For this Project, … [Read more...]

Extra Large Pegboard for Craft Room Organization

extra large pegboard

I'm so excited to share this project with you!  I was a little relieved to have the holidays overwith so I could start working on projects I've put off since August.  One project that was a necessity to complete first was this extra large pegboard I made for my craft room organization.  This is a picture post only but if you want the full tutorial, read the Framed Pegboard Tutorial post. I don't have a dedicated room for my craft stuff right … [Read more...]

15 Best Projects of 2012

013 (1)

2012 has been a very, VERY weird year.  Some things were great and some things you couldn't pay me a trillion dollars to go through again.  I'm actually glad to see it go because I feel like it was mostly a very difficult year.  I have realistic expectations for 2013--I will accomplish some goals, I will fail at others.  Some things will be really good, most things will end up mediocre.  And unfortunately, some things will be sad. But one thing … [Read more...]