My Birth Story #4

On May 10th, at 1:40 pm, I welcomed my fourth child into the world.  It was a beautiful experience, one of my best birth stories.  And it's going to be long and detailed. The weeks leading up to his birth were torturous.  Each day dragged on, despite my attempts to fill each day with fun and productive activities.  I'd made a bunch of freezer meals, taken my kids to museums, parks, and gardens.  I'd met with friends for lunch and bought all … [Read more...]

20 Things for Postpartum Recovery

I know this is primarily a DIY blog, but the only thing I've been DIY-ing lately is a ginormous baby growing inside me.  This is my fourth baby and it's been fun to be pregnant again after four years.  I'm 36 weeks now and hopefully this babe will be born in the next three weeks because MAN I'M HUGE.  I've been stocking up on all the stuff I'll need right after the baby is born and I realized how much there is just for a postpartum mama!  There … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Take a Break

My husband was gone last week on a trip for business.  Meaning I was a single mom for a few days.  And as any single parent will attest, you get a whole lot of kid caring time and not a lot of personal time to relax.  And I definitely needed this last week!  Actually I need it on a daily basis.  I find that if I take an hour or so in my room to just recharge, my kids just play together and then I come out ready to take them on again. But … [Read more...]

Online Doctor’s Visit

We've all been passing around a bit of a cold this last week. My four year old has this wicked cough that sometimes even causes him to throw up. It's always so sad to see your kids sick and they are so sad to have to stay inside and rest. Especially now that the weather is warm and it's spring--what a terrible time to get sick! I don't know about you, but sometimes it can be really hard to make it to the doctor. My husband has literally had a … [Read more...]

Fun Winter Activities

This has been a really weird winter.  Like really warm.  It has snowed only a few times and they were all in a two week period.  And those two weeks were right after we moved so we didn't really have time to do a whole lot of playing in the snow.  However, we've still had chilly days and on the whole still spend more time inside than out.  Meanwhile, some of you out east are swimming in snow. And even though I'm not a fan of the cold or … [Read more...]

A Difficult Anniversary

One year ago my brother released his wife from life support and officially let her spirit leave this earth.  It's the anniversary week of the hardest week of his life, of really our family's life.  I know that so many of you have said so many prayers for my brother and his family and I appreciate that so much. One year later, I can't say we are all doing much better and healed up nicely.  But it's not so bad.  My brother told me this week … [Read more...]

An Easy Way to Find a Sitter

Did any of you read The Babysitters Club series as a kid?  Who are we kidding know you read them. I'm pretty sure I read ALL of them. I thought their club would be so cool to have and maybe if I had personally liked babysitting a little better, I would have made a club of my own.  Well fast forward 15 years and guess what? Sitter City has formed a virtual babysitters club! They created an app called Sitterati that works very much like … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Shopping at World Market

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of World Market for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Mother's Day is coming up and to be honest, I have mixed feelings.  I of course love my mother, but I never know what to get her.  This year especially, there are so many things she could use (since she is a recent caregiver for three small children) and so many things she deserve.  But where to begin?  If I ask her directly, the … [Read more...]