Chevron Puff Quilt Pattern

This is a long time of those things that I meant to do back in like, July.  And there were too many other things to do.  Back in June (or May?) I received a very exciting thing in the mail--a copy of Love Patchwork & Quilting! It was super exciting because I was featured in it with a puff quilt pattern.  It was like a 5-page spread with beautiful pictures of my most favorite quilt I've ever made.  I made this quilt … [Read more...]

My Small Business

As I begin writing my 1001st post, (and since Thanksgiving is soon) I wanted to take a moment to talk a little about my business and how grateful I am for the success I have had. I started Honeybear Lane in 2009 as an Etsy shop.  I was getting back to my creative roots after spending so much time being a full time student and then a first-time mom.  My best friend was pregnant with her first baby and I wanted to make her daughter something … [Read more...]

Shannon Fabrics Quilt-Along Contest!

Are you ready for a super fun contest?  As you may know, I now have five different "puff" quilting patterns for sale and I've also been working with Shannon Fabrics this year.  They so generously donated the fabric that I used for this new Twin+ Puff Quilt Pattern! Since Shannon Fabrics has come out with a super cute line of chevron cuddle fabric this year, we are teaming up to bring you a "Chevron Christmas in July" Quilting Contest!  It's … [Read more...]

Twin Size+ Puff Quilt Pattern is Here!

Another long awaited pattern is here!  I have been asked time and time again if I make puff quilts larger than baby size.  My answer was and will always be 'nope, sorry!'  I really don't enjoy making large puff quilts because it is a lot of work.  So there is your fair warning.  But once it's done, I have to say, it's worth it!  My friend Sarah helped me make this quilt for this pattern and I probably couldn't have finished it without her, … [Read more...]

The Last Three Puff Quilts

I have a brand new quilt pattern to share with you all this Friday but today I want to share with you the three last puff quilts that we've made.  Yep, this is it.  No more puff quilts...(sniff! sniff!)  I'm sure that I will make more for my future babies/friends babies/grandkids/etc but right now this is the end.  I'm not going to be closing up shop, because I will still sell my patterns indefinitely and there are several quilts waiting to … [Read more...]

New Puff Quilts and An Announcement

It's been a long time coming but we finally have a new batch of quilts in the shop!  Six new quilts, mostly new designs (two are based on existing popular designs.)  I have three more quilts that will be in the shop as soon as they are bound. That being said, I have an important announcement to make.  I am finished selling quilts.  {GASP!}  Last summer, right when I was gearing up to start selling quilts full throttle, I kept having this nagging … [Read more...]

Shannon Fabrics Fabric Giveaway

Yay!!  A fabulous fabric giveaway!  Let me back up first... So does everyone know my "Diamonds" quilt?   That aqua minky fabric in there (the super soft dimpled fabric) I originally found at Hobby Lobby about three and a half years ago.  Well everything was going good, and the Diamonds quilt was (and still is) my most popular puff quilt.  One day I was like 'Hmm!  I'm out of aqua minky!' so I took myself to Hobby Loggy (as Lucas … [Read more...]

Secrets to Buying and Selecting Fabric

In my near-three years of blogging, the number 1 question I get asked is "Where do you get your fabric?!"  People have told me many many times that I have an eye for colors and design and I choose excellent fabrics that go together.  Here's what I have to say to that---Thanks!!  But also, I'm going to let you in on some of my secrets to buying and selecting fabric. DISCLAIMER:  This is not a post about how to get fabric on the cheap.  I have … [Read more...]