My Small Business

As I begin writing my 1001st post, (and since Thanksgiving is soon) I wanted to take a moment to talk a little about my business and how grateful I am for the success I have had. I started Honeybear Lane in 2009 as an Etsy shop.  I was getting back to my creative roots after spending so much time being a full time student and then a first-time mom.  My best friend was pregnant with her first baby and I wanted to make her daughter something … [Read more...]

Spread Love, Ditch Negativity

The internet has been kind of hurtful lately.  In the space of the last week or two, I have been the victim of many different rude and negative comments.  I've been blogging for over four years, but it never really gets any easier for me to receive negative comments.  I take them way too personally, and as much as I try to shrug them off, they seem to creep into my mind during those hours when I'm tired and vulnerable.  These comments also … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Craft Blogger

I am a craft blogger.  This must mean that my house is super cute and perfectly organized and clean all the time.  This must mean my kids are constantly sitting down with my undivided attention to do unique and creative crafts with me.  This must mean that everywhere I go I carry my SLR camera with Huge Lens snapping amazing photos of my kids to blow up huge and frame on my gallery wall.  Right?  Right? Nope.  Well, sometimes.  Rarely. … [Read more...]

Kiss and Makeup mmmkay?

All week long I've been having anxiety about the fact I haven't posted one single thing on the blog this week.  And last week I think it was nothing but sponsored stuff.  You guys, I just have to apologize for that.  I am not sure who of you is a loyal reader or not but I know many of you are and you are probably sick of visiting my site and seeing what's on here and being like, "what the crap, Heidi?!" Well here's the truth of it:  I'm am SO. … [Read more...]

Win $100 Amazon Gift Card from!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of dio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I just discovered the most awesome  It's way more versatile for users of every interest, but for me, it is kind of like what I wish my blog really was.  I have a feeling that I'll be spending a lot more time on! Here's what it is:  Basically you create a 'place.'  Your place can be anything really, it can be an actual … [Read more...]

Blogging with a Bigger Purpose

Last Saturday I went to the Build Your Blog Conference put on by the amazing ladies of Six Sister's Stuff.  I came away really inspired by this conference.  The keynote speaker was given by Brooke Walker, the host of Studio 5, and it was amazing.  Really, very inspiring.  And it got me thinking about what I really want for this blog, the BIGGER purpose. I used to think the bigger purpose was to inspire creativity.  But I realize I want it to … [Read more...]

My Blog Story, Part 2

Click to read My Blog Story Part 1 The rest of this story is going to be word heavy and picture absent so I apologize for all of you skimmers.  :) It was about October 2010 when I entered Crafting with the Stars with my Baby Gym Makeover.  I was chosen as a contestant among SO many other very talented bloggers, many of whom I'm friends with today.  My "Star" advisor was Amy Huntley of The Idea Room.  The first challenge was to do a knock-off … [Read more...]

My Blog Story, Part 1

I've been blogging now for nearly three years.  At the end of this month will be my 3-year Bloggiversary.  Three years doesn't really sound that long but it is SO weird to think back to those first few months of blogging.  My blog has grown a lot in those three years.  It's by no means a HUGE blog but (thanks mostly to Pinterest) my traffic has gotten much better with each year. I want to share my Blog Story with you.  I know that it seems … [Read more...]