DIY Rustic Winter Wedding


My sister got married at the end of December last year.  She had a pretty short engagement--only two months.  And as the go-to crafty person in my family (and with my parents living in Boston) she kind of hired me as her wedding planner.  And since she was so ambivalent about what she wanted, I took charge.  We planned a beautiful rustic winter wedding after her and her fiance's laid-back semi-granola style.  They both enjoy the outdoors and are … [Read more...]

Fun Winter Activities

will snow angel

This has been a really weird winter.  Like really warm.  It has snowed only a few times and they were all in a two week period.  And those two weeks were right after we moved so we didn't really have time to do a whole lot of playing in the snow.  However, we've still had chilly days and on the whole still spend more time inside than out.  Meanwhile, some of you out east are swimming in snow. And even though I'm not a fan of the cold or … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Winter Ready Organization Guide


Winter is just around the corner, and it’s time to start getting organized and prepped to make it through the season! This ultimate compilation of lists is sure to have you ready for the winter by giving some Fall cleaning tips that lead you right in to Winter feeling ready and prepared for anything! These lists are all encompassing and will have you prepared for all facets of life, so no need to look any further! Check out these cleaning and … [Read more...]

12 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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January is my arch-nemesis.  With the exception of the four years I lived in sunny Arizona, the other 25 years of my life I have gotten seasonal depression in January (on the flipside, I got seasonal depression in September in Arizona.)  It's never been so bad that I needed medication or therapy.  And this post is not about treating serious cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Simply put, I get the 'winter blues.' The winter blues consist of … [Read more...]

Cute Winter Printables

Printables 010

Hi all! It's Katie here from Sweet Rose Studio again! Who's ready to get some free winter printables perfect for the Holiday season? I recently designed these matching prints for my home and I'm loving the pale blue and grey color scheme. They make a great addition to our normal Christmas gear and they can stay up even after Christmas, at least until the snow melts. :) Download Baby It's Cold Outside HERE Download Let It Snow … [Read more...]

Winter Fashion: 8 Ways to Wear Uggs


  Have you had your first snow yet?  December is on the horizon and that means winter fashion!  Even if you are not a 'boot' person or someone who thinks 'boots aren't me', you could certainly get away with wearing Uggs (or Ugg knock-offs.)  They are comfortable and keep the moisture out.  Some people live in them 8/12 months of the year.  If you are thinking about getting your first pairs of Uggs or wondering how to mix them up with new … [Read more...]

Deer Family Pillow by Infarrantly Creative!

Hello Honeybear Lane fans. I am Beckie author of Infarrantly Creative, Roadkill Rescue and Knock Off Décor. Yes, I am busy. I have been obsessed with two things lately: making pillows and the Simply Screen Kit from Plaid. I saw this Holiday Deer Throw Family Pillow cover from Red Envelope that is not only $50 but is also sold out! Not that I would purchase it anyway but I sure would recreate it myself. Supplies: Pillow cover (I got mine … [Read more...]