How to Decorate as a Couple Without Fighting

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If your spouse doesn’t value home decor:  I know couples like this who struggle with decorating because one of them doesn’t want to spend any money on projects or decor.  This is tricky, where finances get involved.


Set a budget. My advice would be to both be involved in the financial planning of your future.  Tell them that you would like to have a budget for decorating and that it’s important to you to make your house feel homey.  Even if it’s only like $25 a month, you can work with that and get creative with frugal ideas.  You could also try to find ways to make a little money on your own to use for decorating.  If your spouse knows that you have a set budget for home decor and you have been sticking to it, they hopefully won’t be annoyed.  And maybe as you decorate your house, they can see that it really does add a lot to a home and maybe even increase the budget in the future.


  1. Where did you find those recliners? So attractive – dare I say, classy?

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thanks! They are actually from Walmart, the Better Homes and Gardens brand. They are comfortable and a great value!

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