How to Decorate as a Couple Without Fighting

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If your spouse only values comfort and convenience:  One word-compromise.  And lots of searching for something that is comfortable and attractive.  My husband loves recliners because he feels like they are the only chairs that give him the back support he likes.  However, most recliners are hideous.  So a while ago we bought one of these ultra-comfy but super-hideous recliners and I’ve hated the look of it pretty much ever since.  When we moved, he finally saw that it looked bad in our new house and agreed to start looking for a new one, and hopefully one that is aesthetically appealing.

bhg recliner chairs
Find an option that makes you both happy.  Recliners aren’t cheap, especially the attractive ones.  I decided to buy a leather Pottery Barn one, but that meant a lot of saving up.  Until one day he saw another one that he liked the look of that was only $300.  We ended up buying two of these recliners and he’s perfectly happy with them.  And even though I would prefer a regular non-reclining chair, it works for both of us well enough.  They are actually really comfortable and a great value.  We found an option that makes both of us happy.

bhg recliners


  1. Where did you find those recliners? So attractive – dare I say, classy?

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thanks! They are actually from Walmart, the Better Homes and Gardens brand. They are comfortable and a great value!

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