How to Decorate as a Couple Without Fighting

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If your spouse wants only big screen TVs and surround sound:  You might have to give up that dream of having the gorgeous mantel artwork in exchange for a mostly gorgeous mantel with a TV above it.  Which is what I did.  I don’t love that we have a TV above our fireplace but my husband was pretty adamant about that one.  And since he lets me get my way on so many things, I decided to not fight him on that.  And maybe we can find a way to make it still pretty. (We have big plans for this entire wall and mantel actually!)

fireplace and mantel before
Pick your battles.  Decide what is really important to you and what is really important to your spouse and go from there.  Your marriage is more important than having the perfect dream house.

Another idea is to find a space for your spouse that they can have exactly the way they want (like a “man cave” or something.)  If they feel like they have a space where they can do whatever they want and have it look however they like, they might be willing to give you what you want elsewhere.

Those are hopefully some helpful tips for next time you are decorating as a couple. What is your biggest struggle when decorating with your spouse? And what is your biggest piece of advice? I’d love to hear!



  1. Where did you find those recliners? So attractive – dare I say, classy?

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thanks! They are actually from Walmart, the Better Homes and Gardens brand. They are comfortable and a great value!

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