Puff Pillow Pattern & Giveaway!

It's finally here!  I have been planning on doing my puff pillow pattern for seriously ever and I know lots of you have been wondering when I would finally get around to doing it.  Patterns take a lot of work to put together so I just kept putting it off until I had a little more time.  And now is that time apparently! This pattern is perfect for those of you who would like to try your hand at puff quilting but don't want to commit to an … [Read more...]

15 Best Projects of 2012

2012 has been a very, VERY weird year.  Some things were great and some things you couldn't pay me a trillion dollars to go through again.  I'm actually glad to see it go because I feel like it was mostly a very difficult year.  I have realistic expectations for 2013--I will accomplish some goals, I will fail at others.  Some things will be really good, most things will end up mediocre.  And unfortunately, some things will be sad. But one thing … [Read more...]

New Puff Pillows and Black Friday Sale!

Puff Pillow in Holiday with Binding   Are you ready for our Black Friday Sale?  I'm so excited that our shop is now selling these ADORABLE puff pillows!!! I mean seriously, are these not the cutest little pillows ever? They are perfect for any room of the house, not just the nursery! I made this fun holiday one and have it sitting on my couch. It adds SO much to my Christmas decor! But there are TONS of different styles and colors to … [Read more...]

Skinny Bones Halloween Pillow

Hello! This is Vanessa over at Lella Boutique. It may not be October yet, but I'm already giddy for Halloween! I've been busy putting together a funky little pillow over here and will be sharing the tutorial with you. Get the full instructions after the jump! … [Read more...]

Nautical Quilted Pillow Cover

My new color crush is navy blue.  Especially that chevron navy blue I did in my Quilted Camera Strap.  So I'm slowly transitioning the purple accents in my living room to navy blue. By the way--I am SO excited to move to my new place.  It's going to be so much bigger and it has a ton of light coming in.  (Cue angels singing and Heaven opening.) So I whipped up some pillow cases this week, one from the Navy Chevron, done in my 10 Minute … [Read more...]

Deer Family Pillow by Infarrantly Creative!

Hello Honeybear Lane fans. I am Beckie author of Infarrantly Creative, Roadkill Rescue and Knock Off Décor. Yes, I am busy. I have been obsessed with two things lately: making pillows and the Simply Screen Kit from Plaid. I saw this Holiday Deer Throw Family Pillow cover from Red Envelope that is not only $50 but is also sold out! Not that I would purchase it anyway but I sure would recreate it myself. Supplies: Pillow cover (I got mine … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Pillow Form!

Enter to win $40 of Designer Fabric From Skye Reve!******Pillow forms.  You make a cute little pillow case.  Now you need a pillow form but they cost like $8 (which as we DIYers know, is WAY too much money.)What's a girl to do?  Or maybe you have an old pillow that is just...dead.  Sad.  Lifeless. How do you breathe life back into an old pillow form?  Before:  "I'm heading towards the light..."After:  "I'm … [Read more...]

Applique Pillow with Piping Tutorial

So you know how to applique and you know how to make a pillow.  Do you know how to do piping?  (yes?  Okay...just humor me.)Supplies:AppliqueFabric for pillowFabric for piping (fat quarter) Pillow form or stuffingCordingTo do a name, I printed out the name from my computer in a ginormous fontThen I used the printout as a stencil for my adhesive-backed fabricsI wanted some zebra stripe, but not to overpower the applique, so I fused … [Read more...]